Posted by: capitalgirl | October 1, 2009

I am a terrible blogger

But, in my defense, I quite literally have not had time to update. I’ve been running around doing all sorts of crazy exciting things, but as a result I have not had any time to post. So today I will do a quick summary of some of the fancy things I have been doing and seeing in the past two weeks.

  • I saw the President of Senegal speak
  • I’ve been inside the Rayburn House building twice (and that building looks like a freaking fortress, btw)
  • I met a Congresswoman
  • I attended events for the Congressional Black Caucus
  • I went to the Newseum
  • I went to the Museum of American History
  • I went to the National Archives (and TOTALLY geeked out over the 1297 Magna Carta they have on display)
  • I turned 21, and went out to an American bar for the first time
  • I got half-price beer because I’ve got red hair
  • I went swing dancing at the Glen Echo ballroom, which is totally huge, totally awesome, and totally inaccessible if you don’t have a car
  • I went to an embassy party
  • I went to a gala event
  • I ripped a huge hole in a pair of pantyhose in the middle of the work day, but no one noticed thanks to my devious maneuvering
  • I scared my DC friends by introducing them to my boyfriend and his roommate
  • I started watching Glee!
  • I read “Dead Aid” by Dambisa Moyo, “Hell” by Robert Olen Butler, and a lot of international law papers
  • I geeked out when I saw the Global Policy Director of the ONE Campaign speak on a panel
  • I handed out a lot of business cards
  • I wrote this really long list on my blog.

So now that I’m all caught up (or, at least, I cheated by writing a list to catch up), I’ll see if I can’t compensate y’all by writing a second post tonight about the REALLY big thing I’ve done in the last little while.

Also, in case anyone’s interested, I have new photos up on my Flickr photostream depicting some of my adventures. Hooray!



  1. And scare them we did!!!

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