Posted by: capitalgirl | September 15, 2009

Long delayed …

… to the point that I no longer really feel like posting about Glenn Beck’s crazy-ass “September 12th” protest. Suffice it to say, people were insane, signs were offensive, ignorance was expressed, and no progress was made on anything. And no, I didn’t get out for the pro-health reform rally the day after. (It wasn’t my fault! I had no idea I’d made it ’til 5am the night before until I actually crawled into bed!)

On the other hand, I have completely fallen in love with DC. Everytime I go out and do something new, or meet more people, or whatever, I find more things that I adore about this city. The museums are free! (And the ones that aren’t are totally worth paying for.) Anywhere you need to get, you can take the metro. If you have to walk, the city is gorgeous. Every single person I’ve met here can talk politics. People have ridiculously different perspectives, but it makes the dialogue vibrant. People take politics seriously, because yes, politics actually affect their everyday lives – it’s to the point where it makes Canadian politics kind of look like a joke. A nice joke, because we’re pleasant that way, but still. People love what they do, and are passionate about their work, in a way that is so utterly consistent that it blows my mind. One of my roommates has totally discovered a DC resident who bears an uncanny resemblance to Josh from The West Wing. And, no frigging joke, I work TWO BLOCKS FROM THE WHITE HOUSE.

Of course, a lot of this has to do with my program. I’m getting amazing chances to meet incredible people, interns and real professionals alike. And, my God, we interns are driven. “Work hard, play hard” appears to be the motto, and it is one that I can totally get behind. Heck, we’re in DC! We should be staying out late and getting up early, dressing up for cocktail parties, dressing down for the bar, and then dressing up for work. Sure, people might get testy on the metro, but that’s only when people don’t know better than to stand on the left on the escalators or try to stick close to the doors on the train. Besides, these people have places to be!

I haven’t even mentioned the weather yet. OH MY GOD, THE WEATHER. It is beautiful and sunny and HOT, full-on hottest days of the summer weather in mid-September. And when it rains, it’s not that miserable, depressing rain, like back in Ottawa, when it seems like the whole damn sky is trying to depress you. It rains like it does in Calgary, where you don’t even care if you get wet because everything smells incredible and feels wonderful and is great. I got absolutely soaked walking home from the metro today, and believe me, it was awesome.

I’ve been here for almost exactly two weeks, and everything is amazing. Time is already going by so fast that I don’t know what I’m going to do with myself when it’s time to go home. At this point, I don’t think I’ll want to leave.



  1. That’s great! I love a lot of those same things about London.

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